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Melodies sung by soloists, choir pieces and accompaniment of instruments such as the hurdy gurdy. The repertoire encompasses different styles: sacred music, tradicional melodies, lays, canticles, etc. Civil and religious weddings celebrated in mansions, churches, castles... Our medieval costumes and cloaks recreate the atmosphere necessary for an event set in the Middle Ages.

Medieval Weddings
Misas Medievales
Bodas Medievales

Our choral entourage attends medieval Masses, events that are part of some medieval festivals. Gregorian singing, medieval melodies, Renaissance... Our voices perform the sacred repertoire adapted to the time, with soloists, duets and choral formation.

Medieval Masses
Misas Medievales

Commemorations of events, celebrations of historical events, Medieval and Renaissance festivals...

Canta Compaña contributed his music and staging to recreations such as Festa da Arribada, which commemorates the arrival of the calabera of M. Alonso Pinzón to Baiona (Galicia) after the discovery of America. For two times, Canta Compaña participated in the Medieval Days of Briones (La Rioja), which celebrates the Peace Treaty signed in the village, between the Kings of Castile and Navarre.

Festa da Arribada. Baiona
Bayona 1493. Llegada de La Pinta
Jornadas Medievales de Briones
Desfile medieval. Baiona
Conmemoración Bayona 1493
Celebración publicación El Quijote
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