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In our show we invite a trip to the Middle Ages through the music collected in the Iberian Peninsula between the 12th and 14th centuries. Chants, staging and recitation of Canticles, Codices and Lays will take the audience to the music of Middle Ages.

Instruments such as Hurdy Gurdy, Bodharn, Tambourine or Shells accompany the ancient sung melodies.

The Medieval Nights of Canta Compaña are illuminated by the Queimada. The ritual of fire ends with the participation of all who want to ingest the ancestral drink.

Música Medieval. Canta Compañ
Música Medieval. Canta Compaña
Desfile medieval
Zanfona y voz
Epitafio de Don Quijote
Festa da Arribada de Baiona
Cantiga Santa Maria
Feira Medieval Betanzos
Baile medieval
Canto Gregoriano
Julia Cea, Música medieval

But not only will our music play at church or Palace concerts. The coral entourage of Canta Compaña offers Medieval Parades with the sounds of pipes.

Canta Compaña´s conductor,

soprano Julia Cea, performs Canticles and Motetes accompanied by the Hurdy Gurdy.

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