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Since 2006, Canta Compaña offered numerous concerts performing Galician medieval music.

His show has been part of the programming of the Betanzos Medieval Festival (Galicia), the Arribada Festival of Baiona (Galicia), the Medieval Days of Briones (La Rioja) and the Medieval Festival of Covas-Ferrol (Galicia).

In Europe, Canta Compaña offered his music in Poland, France, Netherlands, England and Scotland. Krakow, Edinburgh or Canterbury were some of the cities where the concerts were held.

The music of the Canticles and the Codices has been offered under the domes of the Cathedrals of León, Jaca (Aragon), Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country) and Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). Also with recitals in Monasteries such as Celanova (Galicia) and Santo Domingo de Silos (Castile).

Canta Compaña participated in the recording of the "Solsticio" CD by the folk group Luar Na Lubre, performing the song

 "Na Frouseira-Maravillosos et piadosos". This song has been included in the track selection of this group´s 30th

   Anniversary album.

     Canta Compaña has edited his first record: "Entre pedras".

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